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Looking for simple responsive email templates…

Here’s a good set…



Sign up for an Office 365 Developer Subscription – Free 30 day trial

You can sign up here for a 30 day trial.


OOTB webparts for SharePoint 2013

I found this link that details the OOTB webparts for SharePoint 2013. This is a good starting point that could be developed into a document to help educate your users on the available capabilities in SharePoint 2013.


Blog Update ~ Prepping for the new year!

Up until now, my blog has been focused solely on SharePoint 2010. This is changing. SharePoint is one of the technologies I work with, but I have others too. I’m going to start including my work with mobile, development methodologies and other technologies. Below are a few topics that I’ll start blogging about next year. Hopefully, I create some content that will help others.


I’ve spent the past few months looking for a “personal mobile platform” to quickly create apps. I’ve settled on for my first POC. I’m not looking at it from an enterprise corporate solution, but as an individual that would like to create an app. I’ll document the process from idea to launch of my application.

Development Methodologies

Over the years, I’ve worked on and managed teams using different development methodologies resulting in different levels of success. I would like to really research the effectiveness of the current methodology trends. Does a methodology ensure success? Do good people overcome bad methodologies?

SharePoint 2016

What are the new capabilities?


Thanks for reading!

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SharePoint 2010 – Save site as template missing

add the following to the root of your site…


Top 10 Mistakes in SharePoint 2010 Branding and UI Design

I came across this post and was nodding my head in agreement throughout the whole read.

Top 10


SharePoint 2010 Handy CSS Reference

Here’s Microsoft’s Cascading Style Sheet Guide for SharePoint.