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SharePoint Online for Office 365: Developer Guide

Time to start development using SharePoint Online? Microsoft has a great developer guide.

What is SharePoint online…

SharePoint Online opens a new arena for developers to create solutions for customers who use the Microsoft Office 365 service instead of maintaining on-premises servers, or for clients who are looking to take advantage of hybrid deployments where some data is stored behind the firewall and other data is off-loaded in the cloud.

Sandboxed solutions, Microsoft Silverlight support, and the new client object model enable powerful custom solutions to be installed in SharePoint Online.

Link to the guide…

SharePoint 2010 Web Services – Get that data!

Once you have important data in your SharePoint farm, other systems are going to want to get at it. SharePoint offers very robust SOAP web services that can read and write to almost any aspect of SharePoint. SharePoint 2010 also offers limited REST services that could help with some small operations. Below are the Microsoft MSDN links…


SharePoint Lists Soap web service calls

List of Rest web services offered