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Using SPMetal Part 2

Here’s a second post I found that does a great job walking through SPMetal and LINQ…


SharePoint 2010 has included many updates and enhancements that have made life easier for SharePoint developers. One of these enhancements is Linq to SharePoint which can be used to access SharePoint lists and libraries without the need to use CAML (<– Thank YOU!). SPMetal is the tool used to create Entity Framework classes making this possible. This article attempts to give you an overview and understanding of how it can used to quickly generate entity classes for your project.

Using SPMetal to gernerate code for a specific List

Here’s a blog that details how to generate an entity class for just a single list.

Using LINQ in SharePoint 2010

Found a blog that demo’s using LINQ in SP 2010. It’s an older post, but it has details from setup to code.