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Don’t forget to setup your crawl to index PDF’s

Here’s a great tutorial on setting up PDF’s to be searchable in SharePoint 2010…

… and don’t forget to add your PDF icon (link is also inside post above)…

great sharepoint info…

Some great SharePoint information including creating solid documentation…

Simple SharePoint 2010 Workflow – Part 2

Business Requirement:

(Please read Part 1  before you read this.)

The Birthday Committee likes the fact that they get notified when a birthday is coming up, but they still have to post an announcement to the intranet site on the day of the party. It’s a standard birthday announcement that is posted for every Employee.


Add an action to the existing workflow to automatically post the birthday announcement on the day of the event.


1. Navigate to the Edit view of the “Team the Team workflow that was created in Part 1

2. Select “Create List Item” under the “Actions” menu

3. Click on “the list” and select the list that the announcement should be posted in. (My list is an announcement list will an effective date so I can pre-post items. Please see this blog if you would like to create the same thing.)

4. Now map the fields. I added a static value of “Birthday Announcement” for the “Title”. The “Effective Date” and the “Body” pull from the current item that is being added to the calendar.

5. Now “Save” and “Publish” your workflow.

6. Now test it out by adding a new birthday calendar event

Please let me know if you have any questions.

How to make an “Announcement List” timely.


The team that updates the Company Announcements loves the fact that they can expire announcements, but they would like the same concept to apply when content is added.  Today announcements are immediately posted to the site using the out-of-the-box announcement list.  The team would really like to queue up most of the announcements for the month and have them show up when a specified date occurs.  


Modify the existing announcement list to allow an “Effective Date” to be entered for each announcement and update the view to show announcements that are on or after the effective date.


Open SP Designer and navigate to you Announcement list. Mine is named “Company Announcements”.

Click “Edit List Columns”

Click “Add New Column” then select “Date & Time”

Name your new column. Mines is called “Effective Date”. I also unchecked “Allow Blank Values” option since my view will expect a “Effective Date” to be present.

Click “Save” and now navigate to your page that displays your announcement list. My is called announcements.aspx. It’s just a blank web part page that has the summary view of the announcement list displayed on it.

Click “Edit file”


 Click “Filter” at the top left

Click “Click here to add a new clause…” and add the “Effective Date” criteria shown below.


Click “Save” to see your results. I have already added some announcements that have an “Effective Date” before and after today. I’m seeing the announcements I expect to see.

Go ahead and view your web page from the browser and that’s it.

SharePoint 2010 Workflow – Start Simple

I thought I would put together a blog showing how to get a simple workflow up and running through SharePoint Designer. Hope you enjoy.

Business Requirement:

Project Team Members are using a sharepoint calendar to schedule team events. They schedule everything from meetings to birthday parties. The Team has added alerts and receives emails when events are added or updated. The problem is the Team is supposed to notify the “Birthday Committee”  when a birthday party is scheduled so they can order the cake and set up the room for the party. Some Team Member remember to notify the “Birthday Committee” while others forget. This can make for an awkward birthday party.


Add a sharepoint workflow that is triggered when a new birthday party is scheduled that will send the “Birthday Committee” an email with the party details.


1. Open the Calendar in SharePoint Designer

2. Add a new Workflow

3. Give it a name and description

4. You’ll go to the screen below

5. From the “Action” drop down select “Send an Email”

6. Which will produce this

7. Click “these users”

8. Click the “To” field and add the users you want the email to goto. I had already added a SharePoint Group call “Birthday Committee” and add the individual users (just me for this demo). If you haven’t worked with SharePoint group you’ll want to search around read up on them.

9. We’re going to want the Subject to pull from the event title so click the string builder button next to the subject text (it’s the button with three dots).

10. Then add the text “This is to notify your Team that a Birthday has been planned for the following:”. Then click “Add or Change Lookup at the bottom left. This will also us to add the Event Title from the entry. The Data Source will be the Current Item and the Field from source will be Title.

11. In the subject we’ll need to add some details including the Event day and time. We can use the some concept from the step above to pull in the correct data. Here’s what I added.

12. Click OK and Save your workflow.

13. This is great, but it will send for all events. A condition is needed to filter out all items except birthdays. Click the Condition drop down and select If current item field equals value.

14. You’ll get this after you move the Email step down under the condition you just added

15. The condition will need to be set up to use the below values

16. Next click the Workflow Settings tab at the top right. We need to make sure this workflow is kicked off every time a new item is added. In the Start Options check Start workflow automatically when an item is created.

17. Click Publish and it’s ready to test. Go to your Calendar and add a new Birthday Event

18. The Team should get the email below.

Hope that helps you get started with workflows!

The Ulitmate SharePoint 2010 Planning Guide.

This covers every detail you did and didn’t think of…