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SharePoint 2010 hosting with a free trial

I spent last week trying to actually find a hosting service that offered a free trial. This took some serious digging, but I found one that works. I’m testing it out now. Hopefully this will end up being my paid hosting service (prices are reasonable).

SharePoint 2010 Hosting

Thinking about getting your own SharePoint 2010 server…

A better way to create a template site

This is a better way to create a site from a template. It’s clean and simple for Users. It’s shown with 2007, but could be adapted for 2010.

Twist the Resource Throttle.

I had an error that opened my eyes to the “Resource Throttling” settings in Central Admin… Weird thing is it wasn’t an issue for me since I am set up in an Admin Role, but when I used a test user that didn’t have Admin Rights things didn’t work so well. Take a look at the section in the link below titled “Resource throttles and limits” to find out what options are available to you…

Stop being Strict with my PDF!

Have you had the issue where even after you change the “Browser File Handling” setting in Central Admin from “Strict” to “Permissive” the “Save As” prompt still displays when you try to open PDF files? You’re going to need PowerShell to fix it, but at least a fix exists. I found a response to a blog post with the script below.

The complete blog is here with

What a life saver…

copy the following text into notepad and save as script.PS1

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -erroraction SilentlyContinue
$siteURL = $args[0]
$site = Get-SPSite($siteURL)

foreach ($web in $site.AllWebs) {
Write-Host “Inspecting ” $web.Title
foreach ($list in $web.Lists) {
if($list.browserfilehandling -eq “Strict”) {
Write-Host “Changing ” $list.Title
$list.browserfilehandling = “Permissive”;

Then, on your sharepoint server, place the script somewhere easy, namely your c: directory – navigate to said directory in powershell then type the following: