Looking for simple responsive email templates…

Here’s a good set…




OneDrive for Business Update coming 8/1

I’m happy to see that Microsoft will be removing the “Shared with Everyone” folder for new users.



SharePoint 2013 Design Manager

I haven’t used it yet, but here are a few detailed reviews of it. It looks worth trying out.






Sign up for an Office 365 Developer Subscription – Free 30 day trial

You can sign up here for a 30 day trial.


OOTB webparts for SharePoint 2013

I found this link that details the OOTB webparts for SharePoint 2013. This is a good starting point that could be developed into a document to help educate your users on the available capabilities in SharePoint 2013.


SharePoint 2013 Online – How to setup PowerShell access

You’re going to quickly find out that you need access to run PowerShell commands against your online environment. This blog summarizes how to set it up.



SharePoint 2013 Online Adventure – Part 2

Developing against SharePoint 2013 Online at its core is simple. It’s really following the same pattern you did in the past. You just need Visual Studio and SharePoint 2013 Online.


Where it gets complicated is understand all the dependencies that are involved. When I started this adventure I had Visual Studio 2010 and a new SharePoint 2013 Online account. Here’s the specifics behind what I actually ended up with.

  • At least Visual Studio 2012 (Some blogs claim that you can ge the SharePoint 2013 Online templates installed in Visual Studio 2010, but I decided to upgrade)
  • SharePoint 2013 Online templates for Visual Studio 2012 (Separate download)
  • Developer site collection in your SharePoint 2013 Online environment (Create a new site collection and use the development template)

Once you have all these components, you can start developing against SharePoint 2013 Online. My next blog will detail creating a project and deploying to your SharePoint 2013 Online developer site.